Munich, state capital: Completion of Natura 2000 site “Aubing Marsh”

In accordance with the motto, “reveal the story behind the scenery”, “ interpretation” is a comparatively independent form of communication which had its origin in the North American national parks, where it was mainly directed at national park visitors. As part of the publicity campaign for the “Aubing Marsh” renaturisation project, we have prioritised an interpretive approach, in collaboration with the local primary schools.

2003 - Moorbläuling Exkursion

By means of suitable main species from the Aubing Marsh we are trying to highlight important relationships within the sensitive ecosystem. In the classroom, in collaboration with primary school head teachers, we provide an initial insight into the mainly secret life of a selected species, in order to obtain an idea of its original habitat next day, on site with the children.

Collaborative school project as part of the implementation of the renaturisation project for the Completion of Natura 2000 site / BavarianNet Nature -“Aubing Marsh”

Munich, state capital, Department of City Planning and Building Regulation / Lower Nature Protection Authority

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