Munich, state capital: green belt lead project

As part of the implementation of the “Munich Green Belt” lead project, we were responsible for all the communications work. The aim was to create an awareness of the approximate 335 km² of green belt, consisting of lakes, hedges, pastures and fields at the perimeter of Munich, a green belt which guarantees quality of life for the 2½ million citizens living in Munich and the surrounding area.

An expression of the partnership with the Munich farmers, who own the major part of the land, was to support them at the communicative level, in the case of widely divergent marketing initiatives. To ensure fair and future-oriented prices and marketing channels for the agricultural products of the farmers operating within the green belt, in addition to the establishment of their own seal of origin, collaboration agreements were concluded with tradition-steeped pubs, butcher shops and company canteens, which would benefit from the accompanying press reports.

As part of press liaison, we were responsible for compiling and producing the press releases, deciding on the press distributor and coordinating dispatch.

Project PR:
Green belt lead project (1997-2007)

Munich, state capital, Department of City Planning and Building Regulation / city planning

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