A few explanatory ideas on the project PR (to prevent misunderstandings)

In contrast to traditional advertising or PR work, successful project-supporting publicity work (project PR) is based on facts. If, in the case of traditional publicity work it makes little sense to cover things up or even to lie, in this case it would be fatal. Project PR means taking the public seriously and giving them the opportunity to form their own uninfluenced impression of the project. Project developers who wish to convincingly demonstrate social competence in the market cannot afford to become a pawn in the public debate. Today it is no longer enough merely to call a press conference or a public meeting. It only reaches a small sector of the public requiring an explanation. All the rest do not receive their information straight from the horse’s mouth. With every day that passes without a direct explanation, there is an increasing danger of existing fears, of information transmitted in incomplete form, of misunderstandings and even deliberately-spread false information from the opposing side, fuelling an atmosphere damaging to the project, among those affected. The risk of a crisis increases dramatically. That is why we recommend that you drop a bombshell in the entire project-relevant opinion market, sticking doggedly to the truth.

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