Matthias Schwahn

Landscape architect

Studied Landscape Architecture at the Technical University Munich–Weihenstephan; advanced studies in Landscape Architecture, specialising in Ecology/Landscape Planning.

Big Bend Nationalpark, Texas (1989): Resource Management, Ranger Division, Planning Division, Interpretation.
Friends of the Earth, Earth Island Institute, San Francisco and Public Media Center, San Francisco (1992): (1992): Crash-Kurs advocacy advertising
Biebrzatal, Nordostpolen (1993): participation in the open land works for tests on the Corncrake (Crex crex) as part of a dissertation for the University of Würzburg (Bavaria).

Freelance work with the Nymphenburg advertising group, Munich, and with landscape architect Michael Schwahn, Munich.

Engineer on a work contract with Gottfried Hansjakob, landscape architect, Munich.

Since 1995
Executive partner, Ohnes & Schwahn landscape architects
Executive partner, Mosquito Communications advertising agency / Storyliner – leisure and entertainment